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Donna Lee  Originals

From Ann, February 19, 2014 

Today we announce the availability of a new Donna Lee full body solid silicone baby girl named Elsie Mae. She is anatomically correct and very beautiful. Click on her button on the left and go see her. There is also a video of her on YouTube. Click "Video" to see Elsie May on YouTube. 

Earlier we announce the adoption of the last Joel in his edition to a very important customer! If you missed this superb creation, read the announcement in the red letters below!! Joel is a solid silicone and  fully anatomically correct baby boy. Donna sent us the very last Joel. We are so happy that one of our customers is getting, what we consider, one the the very top full silicone anatomically correct babies available today! Joel has been very popular and we will have a girl just as wonderful. JOEL IS A FULL SILICONE, ANATOMICALLY CORRECT BOY BABY. THE PICTURES DISPLAYED FOR JOEL REPRESENT THE ARTISTIC CREATION OF THE ARTIST AND ARE INTENDED TO HELP BABY COLLECTORS DECIDE ON JOEL. 

We also announce Baby Kianna is no longer available having reached her edition limitation. We are very, very happy to have been chosen to represent Donna Lee. We think Donna is an excellent artist and we know you will too.  Ann

From Donna, About Donna

"As a child and adult I have always loved and collected dolls. In 2002, I saw some dolls on EBay that looked just like REAL babies. I was fascinated and just had to have one for my own collection. Then after examining the doll in person, I thought to myself, I can do this! And thus began my journey into the art of reborning dolls to make them appear more life-like! I practiced this art for a few years, until my desire for sculpting originals took over. I wanted to be able to freely create lifelike babies from my heart. So in January 2005, I took an on-line sculpting class and began sculpting original dolls from clay. Within a year, I was under contract with a few doll companies (Masterpiece and Ashton Drake Galleries). I also began to reproducing my own original sculpts into Limited Editions of silicone and resin. I love infants and would have had many more children if it were possible. I have spent countless hours studying their facial features and expressions trying to capture the innocence of a newborn baby. I feel that God has given me a gift, and has guided my hands in making these sweet baby faces!! Through these infant sculptures, I want to demonstrate that children are a blessing and encourage the mommy in all of us to flourish. I set a high standard to make my babies as life like as possible; and my inspiration has always been from real babies in the world. My goal in sculpting is to be able to Capture a Moment in Time, My greatest influence in this journey has been my dear husband, the love of my life for the past 18 years. He has always been my biggest fan; standing beside me, encouraging me, and gently pressing me to go forward every step of the way."  

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