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Annie Kiely American Baby Artist

From Ann, March 11, 2011. 

Gabrielle and Philip have been adopted but still, go look at these babies because they are so beautiful. Come back soon and see new Annie Kiely babies. I just love the artistry of Annie, she is excellent!  


From Annie, About Annie...

My name is Annie Kiely and I was born in 1966 and I am married to a wonderful husband, Gary. I’m a stay at home mother raising two little ones who are our true blessings that we adore so much and will evermore be special to us!

I came across the art of Reborning baby dolls in June 2005 and shortly thereafter I came across sculpting and tried my hands at it and was not able to stop this love of art. Art has been a large part of my life as far as I can remember as a child. As a child I had and still have a "TRUE" love for my baby-dolls. When I was a child I longed for my dolls to look and feel real. It wasn’t until now that I started to utilize my artistic skills in creating sculpted babies - a true passion.

God has given me a talent, though I was never certain how I would use or if I ever would use it, my art teachers always coaxed me to do something with it. Those who know me, know that I have an artistic soul and always beckoned me to do something with it. Well…here my life came full circle returning me to my first true love, DOLLS and ART and being able to combine the two together allows my soul to feel inner peace and longing to share in what I have to offer to those who feel the same way about "babies".

I am self-taught when it has come to sculpting, something I have never done before. Though at times it was frustrating, I believed and persevered for what I felt in my heart and I am grateful to all who supported me along the way. I have always loved babies and even more so now in creating them is a great joy. The newborn stage is my favorite as it is so short lived and quickly forgotten in the moments of life that pass us by - only left with faded images in the minds eye. I love to capture and create tender, innocent moments…bringing a "Baby Sculpt" to life! Allowing time to linger and reflect of what little babies felt like when we held them ever so gently and gazing at a little miracle that has been brought to earth from up above. Baby Born Hugs, 

xo Annie Kiely xo~





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