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This is a message from Bo:

Aloha! Iím so excited and so grateful and can really hardly even believe it. So everybody listening please pray with me I donít wake up and figure out it was all a dream! I got my first DOTY for Addie in Pink and ran up there so excited and then came off stage and was stopped for a photo only to be called back up for my Celebration of Sisterhood set ďAddie Loves Maddie.Ē I almost tripped over Greg who was trying to congratulate me and help me down the steps and when they called my name for Ambriel Antoinette! Iím honestly not even sure which categories I won in. But I do know I shared them with some pretty amazing artists like Heidi Pluczok and Berdine Creedy to name a few whom I admire along with several others equally fabulous! I am so grateful to have been noticed and encouraged in this wonderful way. My awesome seamstress Charie Wilson for Addie in Pink & my Sister set and the incredible Magalie Dawson of MHD Designs for Ambriel Antoinnette also deserve credit and get a huge THANK YOU from me! I truly appreciate you guys!

My biggest thanks has to go out to God who I truly feel sculpts with me as I go and who loves me and leads me in everything I do everyday. Next up is my family who has encouraged me to do this even from the earliest hobby stages and sacrificed the last year and a half to allow me to follow my dream into this career! My dealers and collectors who have believed in me, some who found me literally out of the blue (creating my dolls all alone on just a tiny dot in the pacific.) Then each collector and dealer has decided to take the leap of faith to purchase some of my dolls. So many have also written to encourage and thank me at moments when I really needed it though so many often never know how much their encouragement means. Thank you all!

OK, now Iím laughing at myself because I sound like an actor or rockstar on a TV show winning an award. But for those who watch who are not aware - The DOTY Awards are the Doll of the Year awards and the same thing as the Grammyís or Emmyís or ďI donít know what theyíre all called - ees!Ē for film and music industry only these are for the doll industry and therefore a VERY big deal to me! I love you all! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

PS: For any of you who consider going to Idex and donít. You should go just for the DOTY Awards Banquet that Greg Ortiz organizes. If I ever renew my vows and have a new wedding Iím going to beg him to do it. These are THE MOST fabulous fun well done events ever. I think we must think alike because the waiters broke out in song and dance with the napkins over their arms like an impromptu musical just like Iíve always dreamed would happen somewhere someday in my life! And tonight it did!

Sorry for blah blah blogging tonight but Iím excited to share! Iíll leave you all with a photo of each doll I won a DOTY for. Dolls magazine will publish all this and then we can all find out which categories I won in since I was too excited to hear!

Bo Bergemann

From Ann, April 24, 2013. 

Today we announce the sell out of all six our our exclusive new Bloomin Babies Collection from Bo! Click on their button on the upper left to see them! They are all precious and truly special. Go look at them and also read how Bo came to make them!

I picked Bo Bergemann last year at the IDEX show as our first BJD artist. I like her because each and every doll she produces, she is instrumental in its design and finish. And each one is a OOAK. They are special and Bo is special. This year the IDEX also chose Bo and I am so very proud of her. I knew she had the talent and ability to reach new heights with us. 







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