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Introduction by Ann Day:

I am very happy and very excited about bringing a new silicone baby artist to our collectors. Please meet Emily Jameson, a 2010 DOLLS Award of Excellence nominee and a 2008 Tiny Treasures award winner for most beautiful baby, doll peoples choice and best OOAK by an individual! Emily will be making babies for you to order with your choice of hair color, eye color, and peaches and cream or mottled newborn complexion. Emily hand sculpts each baby herself. She only uses solid platinum silicone and the babies are poured by Melissa McCrory. The babies skin tone will be painted by Emily. The painting is very detailed, complete with shaded creases, veins, and nail tips! The hair will be rooted by Pam Bratcher with soft, high quality mohair in a color of the new mommyís choosing. The rooting is super fine, just one hair at a time. The baby's eye color will be chosen by you and both German glass eyes and high quality acrylic eyes are available. Each baby measures 18 Ĺ" long (with legs bent), weighs about 5lbs, and has a head circumference of 12". They have ĺ arms and full legs on a perfectly proportioned, fully jointed doe suede body. They will be stuffed purely with glass beads and polyfil. They will even smell like a real baby! Each baby will arrive home with an adorable outfit chosen by the artist, a real baby diaper, and numbered certificate of authenticity. They wear size newborn in real baby clothing, so you can easily shop for her! The baby's edition is very limited, only 20 dolls and 3 artists proofs will be made and sold worldwide. 

Take a look at Emily's creations then call me so we can discuss her babies! We have Kate and Klaire (see below together) for you to choose from. Click on one of their buttons on the left.

Sincerely,  Ann


From Emily:

I was born and grew up in the Kansas City area. Growing up, I was encouraged to experiment with many different art forms and found that I was blessed to have been given a talent that I enjoy. I loved to try my hand at any new project that I saw; painting, drawing, pottery, crocheting, beading, photography, and more. After discovering the art of reborning in 2003, I was inspired to try it for myself. It didnít take long before I found other artists creating one-of-a-kind hand sculpted baby dolls. I was amazed by the level of realism the artists could produce and I knew I wanted to do just that. I was fortunate to be able to develop my talent by taking sculpture classes from a world renowned sculptor from China, Kwan Wu. Through his classes, my artwork greatly improved. Kwan Wu is now retired from teaching and I thank him for the time I was able to spend soaking up his knowledge.

Since then I have continued to develop my talent and have been blessed with several awards for my dolls. I have branched out from sculpting one-of-a-kind dolls, to producing my work in vinyl, resin, and silicone. I am honored that my precious works of art have been reproduced by Ashton-Drake Galleries and featured in several doll magazines including Doll Reader and Life Like Dolls Magazine. Occasionally I display my work in art galleries and doll shows, and I hope my babies will bring joy to all that see them.

Babies inspire me because of their tiny innocence. I love to study real babies and my goal in sculpting is to create a very realistic piece of artwork, but yet with my own unique style. Sculpture is a very flexible form of art. Clay can be manipulated any way the artist imagines. That is why I love sculpting. I love the freedom to create a doll with exactly the look I want. It amazes me how a block of clay can turn into a doll right under an artistís fingers. Dolls are a very unique form of art because they not only can be displayed as other artwork can, but they can also be played with, dressed, and cuddled. It is my dream that I can continue creating dolls for many more years.

With love, Emily Jameson


Kate and Klaire Together

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