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Very Fine One-of-a-Kind Polymer Clay Masterpieces!

FROM ANN, January 13, 2011

We are very, very excited about introducing our newest artist to all of our customers. I have been watching the work of Ericka for some time and have become sold on her ability of creating beautiful and lasting art. What is amazing about Ericka is that her ability has been with her from her very beginning. The other amazing thing about Ericka is that she is only 19 years old and will have a lifetime of creativity for us to all enjoy. 

Still availability are Baby Heather. You will find her on our Doll Special page. 

If you would like to a baby, call Ann immediately and she will help you wrap it up! All of these babies are just beautiful. We think Ericka has done another outstanding job of creating true art in babies! Please go ahead and look at their wonderful pictures and get an idea what Ann sees in Ericka Elizabeth's ability! If you want to be notified in advance of Ericka Elizabeth's next baby arrival, call at 1-866-817-0795 or email me (Hit EMAIL!). This will give you a 1st opportunity to adopt the next baby she sculpts.  

Sincerely, Ann


About/From Ericka

    My name is Ericka Elizabeth, dba Ericka Elizabeth Originals. I am 19 years old and currently engaged to my boyfriend of almost five years, who is a firefighter and an EMT for our local hospital. We are in the process of building a house.

    I have been sculpting my little babies professionally for almost three years now. I sculpt realistic newborns from 1/4" to newborn size. I also am starting to market a line of miniature newborns and animals for miniature collectors. I begin college next term and will be pursuing my business/marketing degree.
I have always loved art ever since I was born. My mom said that I was even cutting paper with scissors when I was one. I used to sculpt little animals out of fimo and I love to draw. From age 4 on, at the beach or in the snow, I sculpted creatures - like a giant turtle in the sand and a snowman with a sculpted bow! My parents knew I was destined to be a sculptor of some sort. I even used a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and turned it into a porcupine with pretzel quils!
I enjoy drawing portraits and I can draw a portrait with close to exact likeness from a photograph. I have won many art contests and have had my drawings displayed at art fairs. I also have loved to do pretty much any art project and have taken a variety of art classes.

    When I was older, My mom and I started collecting the realistic reborn babies. One day I thought I could try to make one just like the one we were thinking of buying, so I researched information about sculpting one of a kind baby dolls.
In my search, I found a class to make older character dolls . I went to the beginning seminar when I was 15 and then I was invited back to the professionals seminar that next year. It was very cool to receive the invitation because there were only 12 selected for this masters level course. That is where I received my master doll artist license. As far as I know, I am still the youngest in the nation to have this license.
I think I am very lucky to have already found a career that I love to do and it is something that is so fun for me. I work hard to make my babies as realistic as possible. At doll shows they have been mistaken for real babies. In the winter, I had a preemie baby I was holding at a holiday bazaar and a woman approached me and began to lecture me about the poor care I was giving my premature newborn, only to discover it was a sculpture! I have always grown up around little babies and children, so I think that is why it is fun for me to sculpt them.

    My next step is working with a company to have my dolls reproduced out of vinyl. I would love to be able to do that and have a single OOAK sculpt be available for many.


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