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Kathe Kruse Collection 2011

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KKdolls1.jpg (43643 bytes)KKdolls4.jpg (87299 bytes)KKdolls2.jpg (42601 bytes)KKdolls3.jpg (43083 bytes)Anatomy of the Kathe Kruse dolls. Click on these small pictures to see the details of the dolls.





100th Jubilee Dolls

Jockerle & Margaretchen.  To celebrate the 100 jubilee of the Käthe Kruse Manufacture, Jockerle and Margaretchen are created. Both dolls stand 6.7 in. tall, are hand-stuffed with reindeer hair and made with a small version of the famous Doll I head. The lovely face and fine hair are
hand painted. Their dresses are sewn with great care to detail - a unique doll pair and an extraordinary collector's item. Limited to 250 pairs. Doll Connection Store Price: $810.00 for the pair, free shipping. Click Order to send this pair home to you.



Special Limited Edition Meissen Porcelain Dolls 

Paul and Anna. Limited to 300. Doll Connection Price: $1,980.00 each, free shipping. Click Order to send one of these special dolls home to you. The dolls are unique collector's items inspired by the famous children figurines by Meissen artist Julius Konrad Hentschel (1872-1907). They are made with the typical charm of Käthe Kruse dolls. The 7.9 inch Bambino bodies are modelled by hand with cotton and covered with tricot. The porcelain heads are hand made by the Meissener Porcelain-Manufacture.



Däumlinchen Dolls

Däumlinchen Dolls. Successful since 1959. Däumlinchen stands 10 in. tall. The inner wire skeleton gives the dolls much flexibility and the soft foam body makes them cuddly. The eyes are hand painted and the real
hair wig is styled with great care to detail. They were the first dolls made by Käthe Kruse's daughter Hanne and are part of the catalog since 1959. Doll Connection Price: $360.00 each, free shipping. Click Order to send one of these special dolls home to you.










Fritz Fräulein Susa
Baby Pimpalina 10 in. tall, made with a soft foam body and covered with tricot. Arms and legs are loosely sewn to the body - just like a real baby. The face and hair is artistically hand painted.




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