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Tamie Yarie

American Baby Artist


From Tamie

My name is Tamie Yarie.  I have been sculpting since January of 2005, but it wasn't until September of 2005, that I started to market my work as a sculptor. I found the art through reborning, which I spent 3 years doing, prior to learning to sculpt.  Reborning has helped me to be a better sculptor...I learned to paint first. I feel that the painting of the sculpt is equally as important as the sculpt's the icing on the cake!.  My babies are all painted with durable heat set paints..and they have very realistic skin tones.
Besides my husband and three children, I have found the LOVE OF MY LIFE through sculpting.  This is my true passion, and I feel very blessed to have been given this talent to share with the world.  I know many people go through life not knowing what exactly God has planned for them...I have no question as to what he has planned for me, and I cannot describe the feeling of joy and pure fulfillment, to have been able to find my "purpose" here.   I have  many repeat customers from all over the world, and I take great pride in my work. 
Being a mother myself, and knowing just how quickly that precious time passes... I strive to create those very moments that are so pure and innocent...those moments that pass by us so quickly, it is as if they were completely stolen away! There is absolutely nothing more precious than a baby..they are true little blessings!
Thank you Ann and Randy, for this wonderful opportunity to bring my babies to a brand new world of collectors. 

From Ann: To all of my friends and customers, I present to you Tamie Yarie, a special artist that I am so excited about. Tamie is our newest artist that has what I look for, that very special artistic gift you can see. It allows her to creating from her mind, heart and body little babies that immediately touch your heart! From the first time I saw Porter I knew he and Tamie were for us! Tamie is truly a special artist and I am so, so excited about bringing our special customers this special artist! Call me at 866-817-0795 to talk about her and Porter. 

Be sure and click on the 'Letters' button on the upper left side of this page. You can read many letters from collectors that share their experience with Tamie's babies. They really are true testimonials! Don't miss them! Ann

About Resin Dolls

Resin is an affordable way to obtain both the look and feel of the actual one-of-a-kind without the one-of-a-kind price. It is a poly resin based product which is perfect for duplicating the delicate details of the original artist sculpt. Many fine details are lost through silicone and vinyl molding whereas the resin duplicates the original beautifully. Is is the next best thing to the OOAK. Treated with proper love and care, your baby will last all of your lifetime and will also be treasured by your children and grandchildren for many years to come.



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