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Shawna Clymer Limited Edition Resin Babies

I take great pride in my babies and my work and still believe in the Golden Rule, "Treat others as you wish to be treated". Creating my one of a kind creations is both a joy and always a surprise for me as well. I am still fascinated that little Babies can emerge from what was once a block of clay. I also want you to know when you adopt a Clymer Creation one of a kind, even as the second adoption parent, if at any time your baby is damaged and can be repaired I will do so for free with you only paying the shipping. I hope this will ensure my babies long life!

I was born in 1970 on an army base in Washington state, and the oldest of five girls. As a child before cable t.v., computers, and video games we had to find things to entertain ourselves, I .......loved to sketch. I would sit for hours sketching animals (mainly horses & unicorns back then), but I also enjoyed sketching old cars and portraits of my relatives, anything that held a special place in my heart or caught my eye. Many of my family members; grandfather, grandmother, uncle and mother all loved to paint, as for me I loved the black and white pictures created from pen and ink.

In 2001 while browsing the Internet looking for information on One of a Kind babies I was in awe when I stumbled across my first reborn doll. From that moment on I forgot about the OOAK babies and fell in love with the Reborn Art. I began working with many types of dolls, taking them apart, repainting them, giving them new bodies, rooted hair, new eyes, new clothes, everything I could to make them even more realistic.

After a few years I fell in love again with the realism of the One of A Kind hand sculpted babies. After all, the babies I had been repainting had started out as OOAK babies! It was then, that my journey to create my own One Of A Kind babies began. I created my first One of A Kind baby to resemble my son in late December of 2004. I continued to work on reborning/repainting dolls, however trying to both reborn and sculpt was not possible for me at the time.

Over the next few months I made the decision to focus more on sculpting. So...I began sculpting full time, that was in November 2005 almost one year after my first OOAK . I've been captivated by the art ever since!

My inspiration to create these babies varies, from pictures of my own children as babies, magazines, catalogs to the sweet little baby I see in the grocery store, as well as my own imagination. With each new baby I create I am anxious to see little features emerge from just a lump of clay. Growing up and over the years I dabbled in many types of art, now creating my one of a kind babies I feel as though this is what I was meant to do....for that I am TRULY THANKFUL!


Baby Alexis Has Been Adopted!

Baby Alexis, Beautiful Resin Baby Girl. She is a very limited edition of only 15. Hand applied premium medium brown mohair with wisps of hair that just frame her face. Wispy mohair eyelashes. Realistic newborn coloring. 3/4 arms and legs with a doe suede jointed body weighting in at 5 pounds and 17 inches long with her legs bent and almost 18 inches if her legs were straight. Handmade Chenille and Rose pattern jumper and old fashioned style bonnet, onesie, diaper, handmade crochet booties. Call Ann today to get your delivery scheduled. Doll Connection Price: $1,299.00, free shipping, 12 month layaway available. Click OrderOnline to order online now.


She is shown below in her outfits and as if she were one of three identical twins!









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