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OOAK Polymer Modelene Clay Newborn Babies

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Sebilla Bos, The Artist

Sebilla Bos lives in Saltbommel, the Netherlands. She is the leading baby artist in Europe. Sebilla is now becoming the leading baby doll artist in the USA! She is consistently working hard to develop and create new ideas to give her babies the utmost in realism. There is now a boom of baby artists and a plentiful supply of babies available for collector. But there are only few artists who stand out as leaders in this field and Sebilla is one! She is an inspiration to other baby artists to also be more creative and stretch their abilities - and because of Sebilla's efforts, we will be seeing other baby artists following in her footsteps. Sebilla's babies come with fully sculpted arms and legs. They are weighted to feel real!

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An Introduction By Ann Day

We love the beauty and art of our Sebilla Bos creations! We have to mention a few things about these babies to our new collectors that are just now visiting our nursery. These are things that our Sebilla Bos collectors have discovered after receiving their babies.  First is the magnificent sculpting and vision of Sebilla Bos. The sculpting you receive is a real work of art! The head sculpts are just wonderful. Realism is what we say about the ears, chin, lips, nose, eyes, cheeks, and hair. Realism best describes the art because many think these are real babies! Next is where Sebilla exceeds all others. Her sculpts of the arms, elbows, hands, fingers, fingernails, legs, ankles, feet, toes, and toe nails are all excellent. She takes great pride in the sculpts of the other parts of the baby. The Sebilla Bos outfits on each baby far exceed the quality of the outfits of all other baby artists. As our pictures show, many layers of clothing come with each baby. And most of the outfits are handmade and hand knitted! Most babies come with handmade and hand knitted caps and booties that are very special and wonderful! Each and every baby comes wrapped in their own baby blanket.

Please take a look at the wonderful selection we have for you from Sebilla. Each one is very special and very precious. Sebilla is indeed a very special artist and one that has the ability to bring to life a baby from clay with her very own hands! Please call Ann if you are interested in adapting one of these special babies. Remember, up to a 12 month layaway is still available at the Doll Connection Store. 

More and more collectors are finding the Doll Connection Store and Sebilla Bos to be an outstanding duo for the finest in original sculpted art babies. We know that Sebilla is fantastic and so do all of our existing customers and our newest customers. Our adopted gallery is a testament to this recognition. We thank all of  our very special Sebilla Bos baby customers we have for being so very loyal to us, Sebilla Bos, and the babies. We really appreciate you!!

Thanks For Visiting. Please call me if I can help you. Sincerely, Ann  

Latest News, January 10, 2015

Today we announce the adoption of a very special silicone girl named Evie #2. Her new mommie is so very excited to adopt her and can barely wait to get her home. Previously we announced the adoption of Evie#1 and #3. We just offered her and her new mother could not wait to adopt her immediately! If you live Evie, call Ann and you can discuss having Sebilla Bos of the Netherlands custom make your very own Evie! 

Spring The Boy has been adopted. The wonderful sculpt, the eyes, the hair, and the clothes all add up to a superior adoption for a silicone baby! Just click on his button on the upper left side of this page to go see eleven great pictures of him. 

The Doll Connection has a wonderful selection of fantastic One-Of-A-Kind Polymer Clay newborn babies for you. Choose between Emery, Rosanne, or Michelle! Choose any one of these wonderful babies and receive an instant gift certificate for $149.00 that can be used on the baby you choose! Now is the time to take advantage of this special limited time offer! Just click on any of their buttons on the upper left side of this page! Call Ann today to order yours! 

The Doll Connection offers silicone babies by Sebilla Bos! Choose between Jaydan or Spring. Any one of them are extremely precious and real to the touch! Click on their buttons on the upper left side of this page now and call Ann now to arrange your next baby!

Latest Customer Comment 

Dear Randy, She is here! This afternoon I received my parcel and it's always a moment of excitement to open it. When Ryoko's little face emerged from the wrapping, it was such a joy to see how lovely she is! She has thick black hair (which I like), beautiful dark eyes, a pretty knitted pink outfit, a cute toy, and the card with a photo is appreciated. But most of all, it's her smile that made me adopt her, and here she is with her timid smile that goes straight to my heart. 

I am very happy I adopted her! Here, she will join her family: two sisters and two brothers all from Sebilla! Sebilla is a great artist and I love her work...well, I guess with 5 dolls from her, it says it all!

Also, many thanks for your good service. I'll never forget that you went as far as phoning me on New Year's Eve!!! I still remember the surprise I had. Thanks and my best regards to you and Ann. HD, Quebec, Canada.

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