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Waltraud Hanl

Baby German Doll Artist


Waltraud Hanl began working with the production of porcelain dolls and reproductions in 1996. The stiff and often repetitive forms soon could not satisfy her needs so she looked for a new challenge. In 1998 her first handmade model was created from modelene clay. The modeling of baby dolls gave her great enjoyment and the baby dolls won many, many awards. The baby dolls have become world known, loved and admired by there public. She was caught by the baby bug and there was no turning back, only babies, babies, babies!

Customer Comments:

We were so happy to read the following emails from very happy customers that we just had to share it with you. This is our main goal in our mission, to make people happy in their lives. Ann&Randy

Hi Randy,
I received "Celine" monday afternoon, and I do love her as you wrote I would! She is absolutely delightful! She has more hair then I expected and that pleases me. Her brown eyes are very beautiful, and even more, the details of her little hands and feet are highly realistic!! So, I have great admiration for the artist's talent! I want to add that Celine's outfit is very nice also...and, I am glad I got her! So I am hoping to get another doll from Waltraud Hanl... Thank you for the little card you sent with the doll, it is especially "charming"! I am going to keep it. Bye for now, and say hello! to Ann for me, Huguette, Quebec, Canada

Ann and Randy,
Just had to write and tell you that I truly love having Celine here and I think she loves it, too.  Right now she is resting on the couch in my den so we can see each other.  I am so impressed with the dolls of Waltraud and wish I could have them all.  I am also very impressed with the way y'all have handled this adoption process.  Everything was just the way you told me it would be and with great enthusiasm for Celine.  You both were so easy to talk with and as you assured me, there were no problems with the transaction.  Thank you for the personal service that is almost non-existent these days. As I am new to the doll world, y'all will be seeing me again.  I would never feel the need to shop with anyone else! Sincerely, Cecelia T.

Hi Ann,
I wanted to let you know that Ashley arrived.  There's no words to describe her!  She's beautiful.  I was like, "wow" when I saw her face.  Even my husband is impressed with her quality and how beautiful she is.  I love the way she's weighted to snuggle in your arms just like a real baby.  She's sleeping peacefully in the cradle right now.  I love her!!!  You're right, I'm more than happy with this girl.  When you speak with Ms. Hanl, please thank her for me, and I want to thank you for bringing her dolls to us. Best wishes, Joan

Hi Ann,
Happy  Baby Lucy (by Waltraud Hanl) arrived and she is absolutely wonderful. Waltraud did a wonderful job on this doll. Will take pictures and post them on Doll fan later on in the day after lunch sometime. Thank you so much for the nice card and you will be hearing from me in the future concerning my doll purchases. You are the best retailer for dolls that I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Hugs, Diane

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